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You are most welcome to Siwocco Wellness for a pleasurable feeling and total relaxation. Both men and women can come to us for a traditional Thai massage and other professional and pleasant treatments in a friendly Thai ambiance. We help you to relax your body and mind and relieve any pain. Siwocco Wellness; an oasis  of tranquility in the heart of Dordrecht.

Siwocco Relaxation

Siwocco Relaxation is a combination consisting of Foot reflexology and Aromatherapy Massage. After your arrival, we will first give you a Foot reflexology. Your body and mind will become very relaxed. After a short break a relaxing aroma massage follows where we use aromatic oils. This package is a must for anyone who is looking for total relaxation.

Be surprised by the beneficial effects of the Siwocco Relaxation. We wish you a warm welcome at Siwocco Wellness.


90 minutes: € 90,-
120 minutes: € 105,-

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Siwocco Nuad

Siwocco Nuad is a combination of Foot reflexology and traditional Thai massage. After your arrival, we will first give you a foot reflexology treatment. Your body and mind will become very relaxed. After a short break the traditional Thai massage follows; Massage with its known effect during and especially after the massage.

For a relaxed mind and body you choose Siwocco Nuad. We wish you a warm welcome at Siwocco Wellness.


90 minutes: € 85,-
120 minutes: € 100,-

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Foot Reflexology therapy

The foot reflexology therapy, an ancient treatment originally from China, is today the basis of many naturopathic therapies. By stimulating the reflex zones on the feet, which are systematically linked to all parts of the body and organs, this massage is a unique experience. The treatment keeps body and mind in good shape. The body comes to rest and stress decreases by improving blood flow to the limbs and organs.

TIP: This massage combines well with other massages. Siwocco Wellness has therefore created combination packages that begin with foot reflexology.

Unwind completely with this unique foot reflexology therapy. We wish you a warm welcome at Siwocco Wellness.


30 minutes: € 35,-
60 mintes: € 50,-

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Aroma Massage

During the relaxing aroma massage, we use aromatic oils. This Thai massage oils of exceptional quality create even more relaxation and restore the energy balance. During this massage, performed on an original Thai massage table, you wear your own underwear or underwear for single use that is made available by us.

Prior to the massage, take a shower or, even better, a sauna (extra charge) followed by a shower. This way the pores open and your muscles are optimally heated so the effect of the massage is even greater.


The Aroma massage is particularly suitable for total relaxation and to restore the energy balance. We wish you a warm welcome at Siwocco Wellness.

60 minutes: € 60,-
90 minutes: € 85,-

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Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is a dry massage that stimulates the energy channels in your body. The massage is given on a Thai mat. You wear special massage clothes Siwocco provides to you. Even for days after the treatment you will experience the wonderful effects of rest and relaxation.
Thai massage combats both physical and psychological complaints. It reduces stress and depression. Moreover, Thai massage can also reduce complaints such as chronic fatigue, back and neck pain, headaches, stiff muscles and joints and poor circulation.
This massage is not suitable for everyone. People with certain conditions may not undergo the massage. Our hostess can inform you about this.

Experience the wonderful effects of rest and relaxation. We wish you a warm welcome at Siwocco Wellness.


60 minutes: € 55,-
90 minutes: € 80,-

All Treatments

Siwocco Wellness gives authentic Thai massages. Our masseuses are experienced and have completed their training at “Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School” in Bangkok.

However much time you have, it can be spent in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere at Siwocco Wellness. Our treatments will help relax both your body and mind and soothe away any pain you may be experiencing. You will continue to enjoy this sense of wellbeing for some time after the treatment.

You will always be massaged by an experienced masseuse who has been trained in Thailand at the Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School. The genuine Thai atmosphere and products will help put you in the right frame of mind




Looking for the right gift for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just a thank you? Then there is no better gift than a wellness gift. Give something different, give a perception of wellbeing and relaxation with a gift of Siwocco Wellness.

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